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​荻島 寛子​

Ogishima Hiroko (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo

Residency in HK: 15 Years~

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT:  Pronunciation, Recitation (Read Aloud), Self-expression, Business Conversation (Etiquette, Documents, Emails), Japanese Language Acquisition for Children

Hobbies: Workout, Dancing, Traveling, Driving for Fun, Beauty, Music

Personalities: Passionate, Strong-willed, Innocent

  • License of Vessels
  • Beautician License
  • 420 Hours of Japanese Language Teacher Training Course Completed

Teaching Tactics: Maintain students’ motivation through an optimistic and proactive approach.

A Word to Students: Don’t be constrained by grammar only! First, try to use the vocabularies and sentences you have learned.

Ms.Emi S

Saito Emi (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo

Residency in HK: 9.5 Years~

Language: Japanese, English, Mandarin, French, Italian

Specializations in JLT:  Pronunciation, Recitation (Read Aloud), Context Explanation in English, Passage Explanation

Hobbies: Reading, Singing

Personalities: Friendly, Sincere, Truthful

  • TOEIC 935
  • HSK Level VI

Teaching Tactics: Cater to the needs of students and focus on bringing the knowledge in textbooks to real life use.

A Word to Students: My teaching fully adapts to your needs and capabilities, and I will fully support you through your journey of acquiring Japanese language proficiency, from where we accumulate knowledge and experience, bit by bit.

谷中 智里

Yanaka Chisato (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture

Residency in HK:

Language: Japanese, Mandarin

Specializations in JLT:  Grammar Explanation, Conversation, Composition (Writing)

Hobbies: Cooking, Strolling (Adventure), Visiting Historic Ruins

Personalities: Earnest, Patient

  • Japanese Teaching Training Program (Obtained in Japan)

Teaching Tactics: I encourage proactive output from students to enhance their ability to express Themselves. Also, I encourage the use of vocabularies that students have learned to make the best use out of their efforts.

A Word to Students: You might be troubled by not having the chance of using the vocabularies  and grammars you have learned or not understanding what native Japanese people say in Japan. But no worries! Let’s practice together and enhance your Japanese proficiency and confidence! You’ll be proud of yourself when you can finally use Japanese to express yourself freely!

宮永 篤子

Miyanaga Atsuko(Teacher)

Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture

Residency in HK: 11 Years~

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT:  Conversation, Business Japanese (Workplace, Phone Call etc.), Keigo (Honorific Speech)

Hobbies: Hiking, Cycling, Watching Taiga Drama, Reading

Personalities: Good Listener

  • TOEIC 905

Teaching Tactics: Creating a relaxed, stress-free environment for students to freely speak Japanese

A Word to Students: Please tell me what your interests are and don’t be afraid of making mistake. Speak as much as you can during lessons!

Ms.Yuki T

陳 由希

Tan Yuki(Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo

Residency in HK: 16 Years~

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT:  Daily Conversation

Hobbies: Piano, Volleyball, Dessert Making, Strolling

Personalities: Gentle, Calm

  • Mental Health Social Worker
  • P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) 
  • Property Officer

Teaching Tactics: Getting to know about your strengths and weaknesses, I will be teaching you with a polite and easygoing approach. My teaching focuses on effective communication. 

A Word to Students: Persistency and Consistency are keys to success. I’ll make sure you’re motivated and let’s enjoy learning Japanese together!

Ms.Chizuru F

藤嵜 千鶴

Fujisaki Chizuru (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Osaka

Residency in HK: 4 Years~

Language: Japanese, English, Cantonese

Specializations in JLT:  Daily Conversation, Business Japanese, Conversation for Traveling, Conversation for Hobbies

Hobbies: Reading, Strolling, Photography

Personalities: Curious

  • EIKEN Grade 1
  • Driver License

Teaching Tactics: Provide stress-free lessons to students

A Word to Students: I’m from Osaka and therefore I’m very fluent in Osaka dialect (Kansai-ben). But please be reassured! I do speak standard Japanese at the same time. I’m also learning Cantonese to fully enjoy Hong Kong. It is going to be much more fun if there are more exchange among Hong Kong and Japanese people, and as a Japanese living in Hong Kong, I’ll be more than happy to assist you in your journey of learning Japanese!

Ms.Yoko O

小川 洋子

Ogawa Yoko (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Chiba Prefecture

Residency in HK: 6 Years~

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT:  Daily Conversation, Pronunciation

Hobbies: Travel, Excursion, Taichi, Dancing, Movie

Personalities: Curious, Optimistic, Gentle

  • Certificate in Head Massage (Grade 1)
  • Beautician License

Teaching Tactics: Provide fun and easily understandable lessons

A Word to Students: My goal is to make you more interested in Japan and its language, so let’s learn together! I love Hong Kong!

Ms.Kanako I

稲葉 智香子

Inaba Chikako(Teacher)

Place of Birth: Osaka

Residency in HK: 9 Years~

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT:  Conversation, Pronunciation

Hobbies: Yoga, Hiking, Travelling, Watching Movies

Personalities: Earnest, Calm, Steady, Always Smiles

  • Driving License (Japan)
  • EIKEN Grade 2

Teaching Tactics: 
 – Customizes lessons to cope with the learning targets and progress for each student.
 – Give compliments to students when they are doing well
 – Focuses on communication and exchanging ideas
 – Creates a relaxing learning environment for students

A Word to Students: I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 9 years! I look forward to meeting and sharing my knowledge on Japanese language and culture with you. It’s fun to explore a new language, so why not have fun together? I’m all ears to anything that you want to share with me! It can be what you like or what you like, any topic would do!

甲斐 絵里

Kai Eri(Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo

Residency in HK: ~1 year

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT: Conversation, pronunciation, children’s instruction

Hobbies: Watching TV dramas, walking around Hong Kong, travelling overseas and learning Cantonese.

Personalities: Outgoing and active.


  • Childcare worker qualification (Japan)
  • Childminder
  • British Accreditation Level 1

Teaching Tactics: Have fun in class. Make sure you have master useful conversations and the course content meets the needs of that student.

A Word to Students: “I’m glad to be able to talk in Japanese! In order to feel this feeling, I will make the class more interesting!

Hirata Haruka (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo

Residency in HK: ~1 year

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT: Daily conversations, Business Japanese (conversations, email, phone-calls), manners, intonations

Hobbies: Piano/Clarinet performance, tennis, cooking

Personalities: Honest, initiative, optimistic, coordinated

  • EIKEN Grade Pre-1
  • TOEIC 865
  • Librarian

Teaching Tactics: Making the lesson vivid. Understanding students’ strengths and weaknesses. Learning Japanese in a fun way while fitting one’s interest and goal.

A Word to Students: Let’s enjoy learning Japanese! I hope that you may get to know Japanese culture and the world through learning Japanese!Let’s enjoy learning Japanese! I hope that you may get to know Japanese culture and the world through learning Japanese!

Cox Junko (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Gunma Prefecture

Residency in HK: 5 Years~

Language: Japanese, English

Specializations in JLT:  Conversation, Mock Interview for Application to Japanese Companies, Advanced Japanese, Keigo (Honorific Speech)

Hobbies: Tennis, Swimming, Karate, Reading

Personalities: Eloquent, Sociable, Optimistic, Fun

  • ORACLE MASTER Platinum
  • IELTS 7.5

Teaching Tactics: Focus holistically on all Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, especially for Speaking and Listening. Apart from grammar accuracy, I value the importance of “getting used to” using Japanese.

A Word to Students: Don’t fear of making mistakes! Let’s talk about your favorite Japanese cultures, places to travel to, food, TV shows etc.!

高橋 あけみ

Takahashi Akemi (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Chiba Prefecture

Residency in HK: 25 Years~

Language: Japanese, English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Specializations in JLT:  Explaining Japanese Grammar in Cantonese/English

Hobbies: Japanese Dance

Personalities: Optimistic, Cheerful, Sincere, Passionate, Patient

  • Member of the Japan Society of Dressers
  • Professional Qualification for Dressing Skill
  • Level 1 lecturer of Japanese social etiquette Japan OJT Instructor Association professional qualification
  • The Japanese dance is fascinated by Yanagi, etc.

Teaching Tactics: Provide lessons full of laughters and fun!

A Word to Students: Let’s enjoy learning Japanese in a relaxed manner!

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