Our Teachers

Learn authentic language from native Japanese speakers​

鈴木 妃佐子

Suzuki Kisako (Principle)

Place of Birth: Okayama Prefecture

Lived in Hong Kong for 25 years and taught Japanese for 20 years.

I love Hong Kong and Hong Kong peoples. I want to be a bridge between Japan and Hong Kong, introduce Japanese culture to Hong Kong peoples, also wants to contribute to the friendship between Hong Kong peoples and Japanese.

高橋 あけみ

Takahashi Akemi (Head Teacher)

Place of Birth: Chiba Prefecture I have lived and worked in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and able to write both Chinese and English Hobbies and knowledge of traditional Japanese culture:

  • Member of the Japan Society of Dressers
  • Professional Qualification for Dressing Skill
  • Level 1 lecturer of Japanese social etiquette Japan OJT Instructor Association professional qualification
  • The Japanese dance is fascinated by Yanagi, etc.
At the same time, I also have more than 20 years of rich work experience in Tokyo Trading Company and Hong Kong Japanese logistics companies.Cheerful and patient, and will teach Japanese and Japanese traditional culture in a lively and easy-to-understand way.

Cox Junko (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Gunma County
Hobbies: Japanese dance, swimming, yoga, karate

Teaching point:​
so excited to meet who want to learn Japanese becouse of interested in Japanese culture. I am good at communication, hope student can learn the vitality Japanese during the conversation.


Fryatt Mariko (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo ​
Hobbies: Taekwondo, Pilates, Linguistics 

Teaching point
Hope that the lessons  can help Students to reach their goals and learn happily to  maintain their learning motivation. Although my Cantonese is not very good but we can use English if you have questions.

日田 永輝​

Hida Nagateru (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Fukuoka Prefecture ​
Interest: Reading, art appreciation, basketball, snowboarding, karaoke

Teaching point:​
Although I’m born and raised in Fukuoka, my mother is from Hong Kong but I’m no stranger to daily Cantonese.
The subtle differences in the use of buzzwords that do not appear in the Japanese test, will also explain to students. so to who want to learn more about Japanese, let’s study hard together!

Saito Emi (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo

  • Readings, I like any of books, especially Japanese novels and comics.
  • Travel bookstores, can spend a day just reading
  • Go for a walk
  • Singing, Japan’s Karaoke machines and equipment are the best!

Teaching point:​
Having been in Hong Kong for more than 8 years, I am very happy that Hong Kong people have a good impression of Japan. I remember that there were a lot of Hong Kong customers when I was working in Tokyo. ​
I like to learn languages. I have studied English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and Italian. I am very happy about I can gradually speak a new language, and I can discover a new self. For students, I hope I can help them to communicate with Japanese in Japanese. Let’s discuss the similarities and differences between Hong Kong and Japan together! Looking forward to seeing you.

​沖 麻実​

Oki Asami (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Interests: Yoga, homemade sketches, temple visits, travels, calligraphy, listening to music

Teaching point
I think language learning is like a ladder, climbing up layer by layer and accumulating. I would be very happy if you become more fond of Japan after learning Japanese culture and history. 

​荻島 寛子​

Ogishima Hiroko (Teacher)

Place of Birth:Tokyo
Hobbies:exercising, dance, travelling, cruising

Teaching point
Although grammar is important, I want to improve your communication skills during the chat with you in class. In addition, I hope to create a happy, sunny and warm classroom with you. Please take care of me.

Nakagawa Makiko (Japanese Calligraphy Teacher)

Place of Birth: Tokyo 
・The only professor in Hong Kong 
・Cheese Sommelier

Teaching point:​ 
Clear Japanese pronunciation. I hope that the class can be carried out in a relaxed and energetic manner. It can also explain in detail various Japanese traditional cultures and seasonal festivals, so that everyone can understand its characteristics and origins. I hope that everyone can expand and own various possibilities after learning Japanese. 

谷中 智里

Yanaka Chisato (Teacher)

Place of Birth: Saitama
Hobbies: reading, cooking, walking, visiting historical sites.

Teaching point:​ 
I’ve taught Japanese at Hong Kong University, CUHK extracurricular courses and Japanese language lectures for 20 years. I will follow the pace of the individual, and teach slowly and carefully. I am good at making students master Japanese naturally through repeated conversation exercises. Let’s move our mouths more together and listen to more Japanese~

笹子 和代

Sasago Kazuyo (Teacher)

Hobbiespiano playing, tennis, traveling, making desserts/snacks

Teaching Points: I have lived in Hong Kong for 9 years. Prior to this, I worked as an announcer in Japan for 3 years, and worked as an airline attendant in Singapore and Hong Kong for 8 years. I like food and wine very much. Nice to meet you all!

宮永 篤子

Miyanaga Atsuko(老師)

Place of birth: Saitama
Interests: hiking, cycling, watching historical plays and reading

Teaching point: Lived in Hong Kong for 11 years, I like the natural scenery of Hong Kong very much.
 Tell me about your interests. Don’t be afraid of failure, I will talk to you more in class!