Designed to strengthen conversation and grammars:

Ayumi「Let's go to Japan with Watashi」

HKD 120

Ayumi “Let’s go to Japan with Watashi” series is a textbook that focuses on strengthening conversation skills and providing grammar explanations.

We have created this textbook with the goal of enabling both students and teachers to have enjoyable classes and learn Japanese naturally.

Furthermore, this book is based on the content of “Minna no Nihongo” published by 大新書局, aiming to supplement any shortcomings and provide a comprehensive learning experience.

We hope that everyone can learn to speak Japanese with joy.


  • Integration of grammar from “Minna no Nihongo” for learning through travel conversations.

  • Clear and easy-to-understand grammar explanations to reinforce the grammar foundation of “Minna no Nihongo.”

  • Abundance of real-life travel scenario sentences for practical application.

  • Each lesson consists of 6 pages (conversation examples, lesson grammar, grammar explanations, common mistakes, games, 4-panel comic creation).

  • Bilingual translation in Chinese and English.

  • Supplementary explanations for common mistakes.

  • Compatible with Watashi Create’s self-made My Voice Pen, enabling simultaneous listening to Principal Suzuki’s authentic voice and improvement of Japanese listening comprehension skills.


Beginner 2

⚠️⚠️ This book is specifically written for “Beginner 2” level. “Beginner 1” or other levels of books are currently being developed. Please wait a moment and stay tuned! ⚠️⚠️

【Content Preview】

Conversation examples

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Grammar explanations

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Common mistakes

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4-panel comics

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Enhances practical Japanese conversation skills:

Phrase Notebook

HKD 80

The Phrase Notebook is a textbook designed to enhance conversational fluency.

The advantage of memorizing phrases is that, for example, when you remember phrases like “どこ に すんでいますか?” (Where do you live?) and “とうきょう に すんでいます” (I live in Tokyo), when someone asks you, “どこ に すんでいますか?” you don’t need to construct a Japanese sentence in your mind, you can immediately respond with “とうきょう に すんでいます”.

Remembering these phrases is useful in situations with fixed dialogue patterns, such as greetings, ordering at a café or restaurant etc., where you can immediately put them into use.

In addition, you will also learn Japanese vocabulary, grammar, particles, etc. By actively applying the learned phrases, you can continuously enhance your Japanese proficiency.

  • Simple grammar explanations with abundant example sentences for stronger retention.

  • Abundance of everyday life example sentences for immediate application.

  • Each lesson is presented in a 4-panel comic format for easy learning.

  • Each lesson consists of 4 pages (grammar explanations, conversation examples, self-challenge sentence creation, Chinese-Japanese translation).

  • Chinese translation.

  • Compatible with Watashi Create’s self-made My Voice Pen, allowing you to listen to Principal Suzuki’s authentic voice while enhancing your Japanese listening skills.


Beginner 1(including the beginning part of Beginner 2

【Content Preview

Conversation examples

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Grammar explanations

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Self-challenge sentence creation

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Learning Hiragana and Katakana with fun:

Let's Play Together

Book 1 : HKD 98
Book 2 : HKD 88
Book 3 & 4 : HKD 68

This book is designed as an introductory Japanese language book for children. It is filled with various fun designs that allow children to learn Japanese while having fun. Additionally, the book includes adorable colourful illustrations, similar to picture books, to help children intuitively understand various concepts through visual means.


Book 1 and 2

  • Ensure that children accurately remember each character.
  • Each sound of the characters corresponds to a familiar word to help children understand more easily.
  • All hiragana and katakana are summarised in tables for convenient review anytime.
  • Exercises to identify characters by circling them.
  • Practice writing hiragana and words.
  • Hiragana filling exercises.
  • Expand vocabulary using additional flashcards for Hiragana & Katakana.
  • MyVoicePen can be used to listen to native Japanese speakers’ pronunciations.

Book 3 and 4

  • Each lesson is organised according to conversation topics.
  • Introduce conversation contexts through illustrations.
  • Summarise vocabulary and grammar in an intuitive and understandable way.
  • Engage in hands-on games using scissors and glue.
  • Create original sentences through filling exercises.

Children from preschool to early elementary school grades.



⚠️⚠️ Currently, the MyVoicePen feature is only available for Book 1 & 2. Audio for Book 3 & 4 are currently in production, so please look forward to it! ⚠️⚠️

Book 1: Hiragana

Effectively learn hiragana through pronunciation and writing exercises

Book 2: Katakana

Effectively learn katakana through pronunciation and writing exercises

Book 3: Conversations 1

Practice conversation skills while learning basic vocabulary

Book 4: Conversations 2

Focuses on practicing basic grammar for constructing sentences

【Preview for Book 1 & 2
【Preview for Book 3 & 4

Identify characters

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Conversation contexts

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Create original sentences

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HK$ 750

Recorded with Principal Suzuki's voice:

Original My Voice Pen

HKD 480

“My Voice Pen” is a new electronic device developed specifically for language learning, allowing you to read and listen with just a touch, making it easy for you to learn Japanese anytime, anywhere while listening to the correct pronunciation.

“My Voice Pen” is compact and portable, allowing you to embark on your Japanese learning journey effortlessly, whether you’re on public transportation, traveling, or even at home. It enables you to immerse yourself in Japanese anytime, anywhere.

The audio is recorded by Principal Suzuki herself, meticulously designed to help you quickly grasp words and sentences. By combining it with shadowing, imitating the way native Japanese speakers talk, you can further enhance your oral expression and make your Japanese pronunciation clear and fluent, just like a native speaker!

Additionally, this pen is compatible with all the books from 大新書局, providing a truly comprehensive Japanese learning experience!

  • Recorded by Principal Suzuki
  • Compact and portable
  • Learn vocabulary and sentences anytime, anywhere
  • Helps achieve fluent pronunciation like a native speaker

※ Previously purchased my voice pens are also compatible with this textbook!

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