Make your dream come true using Japanese!


Learning Japanese at Watashi Create is a great experience- I especially enjoy participating in the speech contests, where teachers give you feedback on your pronunciation and you see yourself progressing and getting more confident in using the language!


The life of studying Japanese at Watashi Create is very fulfilling. The content includes different conversations and daily languages. The teacher's explanation is very detailed and they are very enthusiastic, which makes me more confident in speaking Japanese and more interested in connecting with Japanese culture.


It is my pleasure to study Japanese with Suzuki Sensei & Akemi Sensei at Watashi Create. Her warm personality and encouraging teaching methods surely bring a lot of fun and satisfaction in learning a Japanese language.

Mr. Denis Yeung

I have been studying Japanese for more than two years at Watashi Create! The way they teach is easy to understand, which makes me to look forward to the class! Unlike other language schools, Watashi also has many courses on Japanese culture, in addition to Japanese language courses.  It made me use a pleasant and new method to get in touch with more Japanese in daily life.

Ms. Jessica Cheung

I've been learning Japanese for more than 20 years. Real progress has made after joining Watashi Create.  I have become a part of the school.

Mr. Edmond Hung

I have followed the school’s Facebook for about 1-2 years. I saw many photos of different activities. The smiles of the students struck me. Everyone seems to be very happy. Although I don’t plan to take a Japanese Language Proficiency Test, I can learn Japanese happily because of the private courses.

Ms. Joyce

Watashi Create provides a friendly and comfortable environment. It’s Japanese style setting make you feel relax into learning Japanese. The principal, Suzuki son is good experience. Her way of teaching is innovative. From time to time , Suzuki san organises different events, which encourage us to learn the language in a practical environment and give us the chance to know more about the Japanese culture at the same time. 😊👍🏻

Ms. Kelly

Suzuki Sensei has abundant teaching experience. Her relaxed and lively teaching method makes it easy for me to absorb not only the grammatical knowledge from the book but also some new information about Japan which cultivate my interest towards Japanese culture.

Ms. Cherrie Kong